Alan Weedon

Inheritance: Reconstituting the white man's gaze

"this could say what the person didn’t.
explain not just how we got here but where next
what those people before meant, to these things, to one another.
asking questions of something that can’t answer."

: Reconstituting the white man's gaze was an exhibition done in collaboration with Hayley Millar-Baker at Trocadeo Art Space, Footscray. The 2019 show brought together our inherited photographic archives from our paternal relatives: white men of an inter-war Australia that largely no longer exists.

For us, the world that we found — with images made up of Millar-Baker’s Grandfather and Weedon’s Father — is fragmented, as they died long before the artists were in a position to find out more. What’s resulted is a place where narratives were frozen, giving their descendants the opportunity to investigate hidden truths, forced appearances, or sublimated desires.